Dennis Leininger | CEPA, ASBC, CPC

Founder, Principal Consultant  dennis@btsplan.com

“Helping business owners is a passion of mine. I respect the total involvement others have for their businesses because I feel the same commitment toward mine.”

Dennis Leininger brings 35 years of experience in setting-up businesses, evaluating and assimilating acquisitions and mergers, running offices and consulting with business owners on best practices for small business operations. Dennis has successfully built several businesses from the ground up. He has successfully sold businesses in the past and fully understands the complicated nature of structuring sale agreements to meet the goals of the seller. Dennis holds a CEPA designation (Certified Exit Planning Advisor). This certification gives a unique perspective and background to its holders to lead business owners through the planning process for both Continuity Planning and Succession Planning. Additionally, Dennis holds the ASBC (Accredited Small Business Consultant) designation which along with his years of business experiences, positions BTS to guide clients on their business operations.

Brianna Umthun

President | brianna@btsplan.com

“My motivation is fueled by supporting and inspiring strong leaders to achieve their goals.”
Brianna graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a B.A. in Communications with an emphasis in Leadership Studies. Prior to joining BTS as a Vice President, she worked for Des Moines-based companies where she gained valuable experience in managing business operations, organizational communication, human resources, continuous improvement, vendor management and project management. Brianna brings an incredibly positive attitude to all projects while making others feel empowered! She plays a large role in implementing strategic initiatives to support our clients’ success. She and her husband Ben have two children who keep them very busy with activities, but they make sure to find time to hit the golf course, bike trails, and enjoy the family’s lake house as often as they can.