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Mark Klein, Center Street Capital Advisors

“BTS are the most professional, responsive, capable and caring partners anyone can have in their journey to independence. They are at the top of their game and helped us in ways that are unquantifiable. Their knowledge knows no bounds and the organizational expertise amongst Dennis, Brianna, Tarra and Kara are second to none. They propelled our plans to the next level and working with them remains a pleasure.” – Mark Klein, Center Street Capital Advisors

Brian Cain & Tom Kirchner

“We would not have made it through our transition without BTS. Brianna, Dennis, and the entire team were experts in every facet of our move. We didn’t make a single decision that didn’t involve consultation from them first. We will forever be grateful and in debt to BTS for making our move to independence a fantastic experience. Along the way, we gained some new friends as well.” – Brian Cain & Tom Kirchner, Viribus Wealth Management

Marc Daner

“BTS was invaluable in helping us set up our RIA. They were true partners and helped with every aspect of setting up the business. Brianna, Tarra and Kara are an absolute pleasure to work with. They could not be more professional, responsive and friendly. In my case, I had been an employee of big companies my entire life and needed a lot of help and handholding and BTS was a life saver. I highly recommend them.” – Marc Daner, Daner Wealth Management

Greg Spears

“BTS organized and coordinated our transition to independence across the board on all aspects of starting a business. By the end of our successful transition, the BTS team had become family to our new firm FCS Private Wealth Management / Family Office. Our success is credited to the outstanding service and managing through the details with the BTS team.” – Greg Spears, FCS Private Wealth Management

About Us

We are a team of consultants dedicated to helping business owners in financial services start, protect, and exit their businesses. Our philosophy is that this work is best done together. We understand the hard work and risk business owners experience and our commitment is to be your partner in helping you achieve the results you desire.


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